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Influencer Marketing what is it and how is it used?

Have you ever wondered, what is influencer marketing, you have heard something about it, but in this article we are going to talk about what it is, how it is used, the advantages and some concepts to better understand the subject.

Influencer what is it how is it used?

Let’s face it or not, it happens to all of us. We see our friends traveling to foreign countries, eating in restaurants and even wearing stylish clothes, we think: “I want it””whether you go to another country or not, many of the decisions you make in everyday life will depend on the people around you. Why? Since we are a social species, the environment in which we live and the people with whom we communicate have a huge impact on our identity and our work.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is based on the fact that a company hires compelling people in specific communities. Therefore, influencers can contribute to a group of people in the decision-making process. But do users really trust these profiles? Do you believe their opinion? Can you advise them? The activity of influencer marketing consists in attracting famous personalities who influence consumers through specific marketing activities.

Influencer marketing what is it?

Influencer marketing can be defined as a collaborative technique by companies and people accredited or credible in certain sections, since in this way they benefit each other through collaboration. For this reason, you need to establish specific and stable relationships with these people in the marketing technique of your field, because every day more consumers or influential buyers have more rights to the destination than the value of the same brand.

How does it work?

Like any process, the influencer market follows several basic steps :

Setting goals and how to measure them: Typical but significant. Think about what I want to accomplish? Either by increasing sales, improving brand positioning or launching new products, what you define is essential to determine the path you follow.

Once you are aware of your goals. How to apply it to the strategy? to help you establish indicators that can help you in your business.

Identify your influencers and contact him s: If you are looking for a wide range of topics, look for familiar people who can naturally identify your brand and invite them to have a unique experience with the brand so that they can really recommend it.

If you need to find a balance between trust and reach, search online for “experts” who are authoritative on issues related to your brand and invite them to participate. Create the best experience, because the best opinion leaders only recommend the brands with which they really identify and can improve their reputation.

Evaluation, evaluation and re-evaluation: Constantly monitor the content, impact and return on investments that influencers disseminate. I analyze the results to evaluate the achievement of the objectives.

3 approaches for influencer marketing

There is no doubt that it is very important to consider hiring influencers, because you have to pay attention to the details of their operation and the quality of their appearance online. In addition to examining this aspect of the technique, an action plan must also be developed. Understand that consumers play an active role in influencer marketing. Now we will show three important qualities for reasoning and developing an influencer marketing strategy :

Meet the consumer: the buyer is your starting point, it is the starting point with which you want to succeed and improve your relationship. We must think that influencers are only a way to succeed in communication. Keeping these aspects in mind, try to determine which content is most used by the public, which social networks are the most used and which online personas are the most appreciated by your users.

Motivate influencers in teamwork: Some relationships that can improve the motivation of influencers offer them evaluation products that benefit their audience (such as rewards and goodies), allowing them to participate in methods and comment on actions.

Define objectives: As with any marketing technique, it is important to identify the objectives inherent in hiring influencers. This makes it possible to better control the results obtained with the campaign.

Discover the best keys to create a good strategy :

Minimize damage as much as possible. The advertising of your brand must be natural so that consumers do not reject the campaign.

The brand must be part of the influencer’s context, which gives consumers the impression that the brand is part of the influencer’s life.

Look for influencers associated with the brand, which means that your users have the same goals or interests.

Study the audience of the influencers with whom you will work: their age, their geographical location and their “interaction” with the followers.

Identify the needs of the brands that will be affected and provide solutions for this need

The message should be as intrusive as possible, so I suggest doing it in the language and tone of the influencer’s communication.

Influencer marketing and advantages

It has been said that each social media account has thousands of followers, in theory, this will allow your information to spread to everyone and, therefore, your information will begin to spread much more. If you notice, there are a lot of influencers who interact with the public. Each photo can have thousands of likes and more views.

Improve reputation and trust

There is no doubt that the word influence will tell us about the advantages that we can obtain. Obviously, if one person can influence the decision to buy another person, the relationship between your brand and influencers will be positive and help you gain the trust of site users. Establish contact with people who have a positive image of the target market, which will give them the opportunity to promote your product. Influencers only convince the public to try it, but once they do, it will only depend on the quality of your article or service.

Better return on investment

It is said that thanks to the use of influencers, the connection between investment and investment return has been significantly improved, but this should not be the rule. If you make the most of this strategy, you will definitely get better returns, probably because you know how to choose influencers according to your audience.

Easy to measure results

Yes, in any Internet space, the results of activities can be easily measured, including the work of influencers and social media. Remember that you need to set very specific goals for yourself before you can measure the results. First of all, ask yourself which influencers you want and what they hope to achieve from the investments you have made previously.

How to plan influencer marketing techniques?

Before developing influencer marketing tactics, you must have at least one website or a YouTube channel. Obviously, these are the most important tools that you will use and you want users to visit them correctly. Without one of these options, there will be no cooperation and results, it’s that simple.

Are you planning to do it?

You probably think that this question is useless because most people will say that you want to sell. However, the desire to sell is not enough; not everyone wants to sell, this should be clear. You should think about how to sell products, services or create a personal brand just in case. In this regard, no one can help you, because it is based only on your idea and the parameters that influencers put to help you.

Brand content

Influencers can easily be found with a few tips, but what is really important is to create influencers who will recommend and attract high-quality content that their audience likes. Find and analyze well the ideas of your target audience that will help you implement marketing strategies for influencers more easily.

Marketing actions that can be carried out with influencers

The influencer marketing activities that companies can develop are very varied:

Delivery of products

One of the actions is that the brand sends certain products to influencers for promotion, these products are pre-selected and meet the requirements of the brand’s target audience and attributes that can be identified by the brand itself.

Participate in events

Another aspect of influencer marketing activities is participation in events such as product distribution, which is a way to increase visibility. This is a good idea in the following situations:

You have a storytelling method; marketing technology allows you to strengthen the connection with your audience through the message, thus reinforcing the value proposition that you convey through the story, thus helping the brand to remember and understand it.
We create a very good event, that is, it has a production budget, we provide an unforgettable experience, there is no problem with the product and personal information is invited according to our goals.

Sponsored publications

This strategy consists of publishing influencer publications promoting specific products. We usually talk about its attributes, advantages, etc. Previously, this method applied only to blogs, but now any network allows it.

Brand ambassador

One of the influential marketing activities with excellent results for visibility is the creation of brand ambassadors or brand ambassadors. These are influencers who have worked with the brand for a long time. In addition to displaying articles on social networks that have already been sent to them, they also represent images of brands during specific events and celebrations. They can even provide their subscribers with personalized discount codes to purchase products or services through them.

Discount codes

We are talking about the famous discount code, which is the commercial activity of an influencer, which consists of creating a brand of personalized discount codes and contacting the influencers in question. Once they have received this code, influencers will turn to their social media to recognize the flagship products or brands.
At the same time, thanks to its brand loyalty, it offers its subscribers the opportunity to benefit from these discounts.

Payment methods

In influencer marketing activities, as well as in regular advertising payments on social media, we use an influencer image that better corresponds to our values and better supports our value proposition. This technology is often developed when a brand has a large budget for its advertising and marketing activities and its goal is to use influential images to improve its media plan.

5 advantages of this type of marketing

Managers, business owners and marketing managers often have questions about the influencer market. one of the questions that most distracts the minds of professionals is the advantages: is it worth investing in influencers? The fact is that not only is it worth it, but it is also one of the strategies that produce the most results. However, if you still have doubts, once you have understood its use, here we will provide you with a number of advantages that will leave you without words.

Increase trust in the brand

Followers trust the opinions of influencers because they are part of the community, speak “the same language” and understand the tastes and needs of the public. In some cases, the distance between a follower and an influencer is so small that people consider them friends. So if influencers encourage or invite to use a particular object or service, their followers think they have good reasons to do so.

Effectively reach the target audience

When studying a particular article, do you trust the brand’s advertising more or the opinion of your friends? Most people tend to respond to another user’s review to gain more trust. In this premise, the influence market is the basis. Thanks to its implementation, it is possible to reach the target audience by recognizing the opinions of people with strong influence.

Increase market share

Small and large companies that want to stand out, provincial brands that want to expand their activities and other types of companies can use this type of marketing and successfully increase their market share. This is possible because influencers have the ability to improve the effectiveness of the brand and also because these influencers have a large number of followers on social media.

Influence on purchasing behavior

Many people think that the influencer market is only used to promote the brand, which is a big mistake. The method of purchase and conversion is also influenced by the opinions of those affected. As a result, the communication of influencers can easily mobilize the buying process of buyers.

Enrich your digital presence

Of course, the advantages are aspects that simply affect the importance of using it. In this case, they become the main motive for applying influencer marketing in influencer marketing techniques.

After learning very important information about influencer marketing, it’s time to discuss the choice of influencers to promote content. This is not an impossible task, on the contrary, when you have the relevant information, the task is much easier. In addition to obtaining relevant data, it is also useful to consider some methods. So we asked a question to remind you:

Identify influencers in your company’s sector

Study his work and discuss his behavior with his followers.

Analyze your online audience

Confirm that the hired influencer will work on the proposed engagement