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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool to get to know your audience, develop a business or your brand and generate income.

However, there is a fine line between using social media for personal reasons and using it for professional reasons, and unfortunately, sometimes business owners don’t see that line. Here are 5 things that a company should not do using social networks to promote its products or services.

Publication of advertising materials only

Some business owners feel that a professional social media account should only be used to promote their business. Your audience is not using social media to only receive direct sales messages. To put it simply, social media users do not live waiting for our advertising messages. Anyway, Facebook advertising and Google advertising receive a large volume of such messages every day.

They use social media to communicate, have fun, forget, etc. Even if they use it to look for something, they want to do it at their own pace and not under pressure. If you only post sales messages and do not provide useful and informative content, they may leave your page or disable your updates.

The algorithm of most social networks calculates several factors in order to show or not show your posts to someone. If he has stopped showing interest in your content, that is, there is no notorious commitment, chances are that he does not see what you are downloading.

Posting inappropriate content

Not all of your social media followers are supporters of the same group and not everyone has the same political views. They also come from different religions, nationalities and social backgrounds.

It is inappropriate for your company to be involved in disputes related to political, religious, or other disputes. Believe me, you don’t want to start a conversation about insoluble social or national problems. In such a conversation, no one wins, and in the end, everyone is more fanatical than they were at the beginning. This is the surest way to negatively characterize your company for issues unrelated to its subject.

Providing content related to your business is a safe bet.

Unrelated cross-display

Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram allow you to copy your updates to your Twitter account, and Instagram allows you to post your updates on Facebook or Twitter. Although cross-posting saves time and is a great way to stay active on the best social media sites, there are times when your content doesn’t match one particular platform as much as another. Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram, for example, an amateur video or photo may be suitable for Facebook, but it’s not the same for LinkedIn or Instagram.

So make sure that your content has the features you need to arouse your audience’s interest in the platform on which you want to publish it. This does not mean that you will necessarily avoid cross-posting, just make sure that your original content matches the specific social media.

Ignore comments/ messages

One of the main goals of frequently updating our social media accounts is engagement, that is, interaction with users. Comments on your publications or your content in general contribute to your high ranking on the first page of Google (SEO). In addition, your followers’ friends on social networks see what you are downloading and can interact.Thus, your company is then presented to a completely new audience. It is therefore vital to interact with them.

That’s why, if your subscribers comment on updates, ask questions or leave a remark, it is imperative that you at least respond to their comment. They leave a comment or ask a question because they want to interact with your company. 71% of consumers who have had a social media experience with a company are likely to recommend it to others. Don’t ignore them.

Optimize your Facebook page

Facebook offers many different templates for business pages. This model is like creating a mini site on the Facebook platform. E-commerce sites can create a store on their Facebook page. Look at these templates and make sure you choose the template that suits your business and the one that will help it generate sales and win new customers.

Another important element on your Facebook page and all media is to make sure that the ”About Us” section is filled in. This information will optimize your company for searches on the platform. It also helps consumers understand what you do, what you sell and where you are located. Make sure that all the basic information is entered in this section. Give people all the information they need to find you and work with you.

What you need to do

Using social media to promote your business and increase sales is not as simple as posting an amateur photo or video. Social media is a serious marketing tool and it takes time and knowledge to use it correctly. If they are used correctly, your company will see the return on this investment.